What is Sialic Acid Glycopeptides

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What is Sialic Acid Glycopeptides

  1. Bird’s Nest Essence is a hydrolyzed (pre-digested) bird’s nest with sialic acid, the miraculous ingredient contribute to the various benefits in bird’s nest 
  2. Sialic acid is found naturally in human body too!
    Sialic Acid is found highest levels in breast milk & brain components.
  3. Sialic acid is found in other food sources: bird’s nest; salmon etc.
    But edible bird's nest contains the highest sialic acid among all the food sources!
  4. 3 major clinical facts of sialic acid :
    brain development, strengthen immunity, reduce the loss of cells and tissues

How our Technology Works

Re-inventing bird’s nest : From Good to Great
Our  technology is a splendid breakthrough in the edible bird’s nest processing industry, giving everyone to truly experience the miraculous effects of edible bird’s nest, from food and through your basic skincare regime!

(1) Biohydrolysis Extraction Technology
  • First bird’s nest in the form of nano-molecules
  • Successfully extract 100% of sialic acid glycopeptides from bird's nest
  • Maximize body absorption of sialic acid glycopeptides. Effective !

(2) Nano-bubble Electrophoresis
  • Safe!
  • Remove harmful nitrite and heavy metals from bird's nest

(3) Ultrafiltration
  • Clean!
  • Remove fine feathers and debris effectively

Prize Awarded Technology
  • International Invention & Innovation Exhibition  (ITEX) 2015
  • Gold Medal - Malaysian Innovative Product Award
  • Coined as a next-generation & novel technology that adds substantial value to the use of bird’s nest sialic acid glycopeptides , in both skincare & food industries.

Mode of Action - How Bird's Nest Sialic Acid Glyocopeptides work

Reduce the loss of cells and tissues

(1) Sialic acid strengthening cell-to-cell connection → preventing Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) → keep the skin hydrate

(2) Strengthening the support structure →  sialic acid could be the messenger responsible for providing signal for elastin regeneration → retain skin firmness

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