What is Sialic Acid Glycopeptides

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+603-8945 5242

About Us

Greencom Biotech Sdn Bhd (382577-M) is a Malaysian company to research, promote and market products associated with the bird’s nest essence (sialic acid glycopeptides). As the pioneer of the bird’s nest essence producer, product quality is always our key focus, whereby our scientists meticulously researching every fine ingredient, ensuring the efficacy of the formulation.


  • To provide good quality sales, services, support and distribution of bird’s nest essence products to all consumers.
  • To promote and share the benefits and effectiveness of bird’s nest essence (sialic acid glycopeptides) to people.

  • To become a world-leading producers and marketer for bird’s nest essence (sialic acid glycopeptides) without compromising on safety, efficacy, user-friendliness and ethics.

Our Research Expert

Dr. Tan Chon Seng

Our R&D team is lead by the principal research officer  from the Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI) - Dr. Tan Chon Seng (PhD).

Dr. Tan Chon Seng has almost 30 years of research experiences in agricultural fields. Dr. Tan obtained his PhD (Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology) from Leicester University after his postgraduate study (major in Biochemistry) at University of Malaya. His main areas of research is biochemistry, genetic engineering and recombinant technology in bacteria, yeast and plants. 

Dr. Tan has always been the technical consultant to agricultural industry. The edible bird's nest processing technology (extraction of the sialic acid glycopeptides) is one of the his inventions in his 30 years of research experience.

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